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  • Typesetting and graphic design

  • Multimedia production (audio, video, web, copywriting, script writing,)


Our linguists and subject‐matter experts have expertise in a wide range of markets and industries including:

  • Communications and marketing

  • Education and training

  • Government

  • Financial and legal services

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Not-for-profit organizations /NGOs

The Lexicomm Difference

​Since Lexicomm’s founding in 1987, the translation industry has changed substantially. Many new language service providers have entered the field,  large corporations have bought up smaller language companies, and the use of translation software has become commonplace. The resulting disparities in translation quality have led existing and new clients to ask Lexicomm to review and revise potentially problematic translations provided to them by other companies. Translation quality assurance is now a major growth area for Lexicomm. We value our role as a trusted advisor, helping to prevent (and sometimes remedy) misleading or embarrassing translations.  

We are happy to certify any work we provide by means of an

Affidavit of Translation.

Lexicomm’s PROCESS 

All Lexicomm translations are performed and verified by skilled human translators. We evaluate each new assignment to determine the linguistic and subject-area knowledge required to provide an accurate and effective translation and identify the best team to accomplish the task within the deadline. We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to identify repeating passages and terms and to maintain clients’ preferred terminology across projects and over time. The project manager resolves with the client any questions regarding ambiguities in the source materials and creates a glossary of specialized terminology, if needed, to maintain brand consistency in each targeted market.


Once translated, each project is edited by a subject area expert and proofread before delivery.

Lexicomm project managers are available in shifts to meet client requirements most hours of the day, to respond quickly in the planning stages, and to provide quick turnaround of time and cost estimates. Team members remain responsive and flexible throughout the process. Project managers, team leaders, and linguists often participate in meetings, presentations, and proposal development, and consult on the best ways to address sensitive matters concerning translation and other cultural issues.

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